My Story

Howdy! My name is James Dalman.

I'm the guy my fourth grade teacher told me I'd never make anything of my life because I would draw all the time.

Well that was like pouring gasoline on a fire. How'd it all turn out?

Photo by pure julia / Unsplash

In 1986 I started my first creative adventure called Dogman Designs (and I'll be damned for not trademarking the Dogman name). I customized Chuck Taylor All-Stars and Levis 501 with Sharpie pens. My artwork was off the wall and psychedelic to say the least, but people loved my creations and started to hire me to custom design their own apparel.

The adventure took off from there and exceeded my wildest expectations!

I'm proud to say that over the past 33 years, my journey has been filled with amazing success despite the many adversities I've had to overcome. As a designer and artist, my creativity has allowed me to work with billion dollar brands to thousands of small businesses across the globe.

In 2008, I helped build one of the most successful companies in WordPress, and later on created a multiple city conference for freelancers. I've coached thousands of creative people and spoken at events all over the country.

My passion for freedom and love of the military lead me to enlist in the U.S. Army Reserve and Oklahoma Army National Guard for eight years as an 11 Bravo Infantryman.

I've started a wellness lifestyle brand, traveled the world, written several books, celebrated 33 years of marriage to the love of my life, raised two amazing children, and appeared on TV numerous times. And I'm not done yet!

Not bad for someone who will never make anything of his life!

People I've designed for:

BMW, Eskimo Joes, NASCAR, Disney, NCAA, 95th Infantry Division, Team Penske, Best Western, Michael Hyatt, Andy Sernovitz, HTC, Nike Golf, NFL, NHL, iThemes, PGA Golf Courses, Honda, BMX, and whole lot more!

Places I've spoken at:

Military Influencer Conference, DYF Conference US, Prestige Conference, Inman Real Estate Conference, iThemes Training Events, WebFest OKC, WP BootCamp Austin, WP BootCamp Las Vegas, WP BootCamp San Antonio, WP BootCamp Tampa, WordCamp San Diego, WordCamp St. Louis, WordCamp Tampa, WordCamp Atlanta, WordCamp Dallas, WordCamp Las Vegas, WordCamp San Antonio, Trinity Broadcast Network, and MinistryCom.

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