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I'm James Dalman and I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch profitable online businesses, giving them the incredible freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

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Fifteen years ago I discovered how to make a great living from digital products and services with nothing more than a few resources and Wifi connection. It was one of the most valuable business experiences I ever encountered; one that would change my entire future and provide me with incredible opportunities to travel the world.

This experience allowed me to make more money while experiencing greater freedom in my life.

My digital business success wasn't because I was smarter than others (I barely survived high school) and it wasn't due to having access to venture capital, being the best at what I did, or having some rockstar quality. It's because I saw the power of leveraging my time and skills in order to generate passive income so I could spend time fucking off or doing what I enjoyed.

But before you think this is another "how to make six figures following your passion" pitch, it's absolutely not!

The truth is there are no guarantees in business. We don't all get to make money by following our passion. Most people will never make six figures by doing what they love to do. Even with the past successes I've enjoyed as a digital entrepreneur, I've failed more times than I can count.

How's that for brutal honesty?

So this website isn't about selling you a magic bean or showing you how to become an online rockstar. I'm not teaching you a blueprint for being rich or promoting a $10,000 mastermind group to join. You deserve more than marketing hype and bullshit so I'm not gonna do it.

Rather this blog is about an ordinary, average guy who found a way to launch profitable digital businesses to enjoy more of the good life.

I'll share my experiences and lessons learned along the way, as well as my insights that have helped thousands of other average people reach their goals. It's all real world applications for real world results. You can certainly achieve some level of success online but you have to want it.

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