Business as usual is dead.

Aspiring entrepreneurs typically follow the traditional route when it comes to starting and growing a business. And who can blame them because we’ve been indoctrinated to believe success only happens when adhering to a conventional set of rules.

We blindly follow the principles of the American Dream and the advice of old school experts who regurgitate the same bullshit, mostly outdated ideals that worked great decades ago but don’t make any sense today.

Work harder. Give more. Sacrifice desires.

While there are still some valuable lessons to be learned from the past, the traditional business model is rapidly dying, and those who firmly hold onto the past will not survive in the future. Business as usual is mostly dead.

It’s time to be unconventional.

If you want to pursue a different route in business, one that allows you to adapt to your own set of rules and thrive in the ever changing marketplace, then this is the community for you!

As a digital entrepreneur, I’ve learned there are better ways to make money while enjoying life. You can design a lifestyle business that works for you, not against you, one that embraces a completely new set of ideals.

Work less. Make more. Experience freedom.

It’s time for people to realize it’s possible to let go of those outdated beliefs so they can create a better version for their lives — one that will give them an opportunity to thrive as an entrepreneur while providing an incredible future.

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Unconventional Entrepreneur. Army Veteran. Status Quo Rebel. I love helping others achieve their dreams. And drinking beer. 🍻