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Struggling with Self Doubt as a Creative

If you're having a hard time believing in yourself, this was written for you.
Struggling with Self Doubt as a Creative
Photo by Sir Manuel / Unsplash

Can I share something vulnerable with you today? I struggle with self doubt.

Sometimes a lot.

It does’t matter that I’ve done some really awesome stuff in life.

Just because I’ve worked with billion dollar brands, published thousands of articles, and written a couple books, means I always have confidence in my talents or abilities.

And no matter what awesome things we might have done in the past, guarantees we'll have success in the future. Sometimes you're only able to create the one hit wonder.

So I battle with the feelings and thoughts that I just suck.

Perhaps you struggle in the same way.

I think creatives will always question the validity of our creations because it comes from our souls. It’s more than a product or service; it’s an extension of our self identity or worth. Our work is personal.

But despite our self-doubts we must create and publish.

Not doing so will rob us of any joy we could experience, plus the painful regrets of keeping our creations from living, are a bitch to deal with.

Besides, the fear of regret will always hurt more than failure.

I have to remind myself of this constantly because I'm still waiting to launch ideas I've dreamed about for 35 years.

Every day I don't create and publish, the regret piles up and it's damaging.

Maybe this is all just a self pep talk for what I need to do.

Or hopefully - and even better - you'll be encouraged to set aside your own self doubt for a moment and go for whatever you've been wanting to create, write, or launch.

I believe in you.

It's time to believe in yourself.