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How to Make Real Money Online

Many of us want to make a great living working from anywhere. Here's how to do it.
How to Make Real Money Online

If you’ve been struggling to find your path to making money online, I’m really going to help you out today.

I believe it will be the most valuable piece of advice you’ll ever receive!

Unfortunately it’s not about following your passion, writing on Medium, and then selling your eBooks or courses to your followers.

Not that it’s bad advice. It’s just not going to work for 99.8% of you.

Those who do manage to generate revenues from these efforts will never make enough money to live off of unless you’re lucky. Content creators are plentiful but profits are not.

Here are some stats to consider:

  • There are over 200 million content creators (1)
  • Only 10% of content creators make more than $80,000 per year. (2)
  • It takes an average of 6.5 months to earn your first dollar. (3)
  • 46% of creators earn less than $1K in annual revenue. (3)

So only an estimated 200,000 content creators will actually make enough money to live on (depending on where you live and what you need to survive) while the other 920,000 people will earn approximately $83 per month for their hard work and efforts.

From a business perspective this may not be worth your investment.

We also know the competition to reach the pinnacle of success for a content creator is fierce. Are you willing to do what it takes to reach the top? Be honest with yourself.

Even though it’s possible for you to achieve, it might not be probable.

I don’t say all this to kill your dreams, but to give you realistic expectations so you’re fully prepared for the journey ahead.

And most “make money online gurus” don’t want to tell you these things because it doesn’t sell books, online courses, or coaching. 🤷

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Making real money starts with solving real problems.

There are millions of businesses right now who have some sort of problem they cannot overcome.

It could be due to sales, marketing, social media, video production, supply chain management, time management, invoicing and collections, website hosting, client referrals, or hundreds of other challenges.

These solopreneurs or entrepreneurs desperately need help.

It’s likely they don’t have the time or knowledge to get it done; they just need someone who can solve the problem and do it right. And this is where you come to the rescue!

Find a problem people need help solving + provide the winning solution = real money you can count on! 💵

When you help people reach the top of their mountain, it’s easier for you to reach the top of yours. Being a sherpa isn’t always sexy but it pays off.

Many online experts recommend making an income by doing what you love. The problem is people don’t give a shit about what you love — they only care about their hopes and dreams.

Read that again.

Most people aren’t going to pay you livable wages for your content about feminism, radicalism, colonialism, nationalism, sensationalism or any other isms. Sorry Medium writers!

However, they will pay you to help them reach the summit. This is where the real profits are found.

Anyways, the choice is yours.

A) You can scratch and claw your way to the top for very little rewards and the bragging rights.

B) You can show people the way to the top without all the fanfare but have a lot more money in the bank.

Either choice works.

But if you want to make real money online and have more freedom to do what you really love, I’d highly recommend becoming a sherpa.

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I will show you the way. 🏔️ 😉