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What Should You Write About on Medium?

Choosing the topics to write about can be challenging. Let me help you get started.
What Should You Write About on Medium?
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As more and more people join the ranks on Medium, I see an ongoing conversation about what an aspiring writer should write about.

Many of us struggle trying to figure out our niche or the best topics for making money online, while others just want to know if it’s even really worth it to get started.

Becoming a writer is a complicated process. And yet it’s also so simple!

Typically we overanalyze everything as content creators to the point the analysis paralysis kills our creativity and motivation. We think more than we write — and this can be detrimental to our hopes and dreams.

So what do you do?

Write about everything and anything!

✅ Yes, the real profits are related to the topics of health, wealth, and personal development.

✅ Yes, building a brand and growing an audience is faster when you focus on a specific or popular niche.

✅ Yes, there are all kinds of strategies for making income with Medium or any other platform.

But none of that will happen without getting started.

When I first started writing on Medium it was an experiment, and in a way, it still is. My purpose was creating conversations around topics that challenge our way of thinking. So I just wrote from the heart on things I’m most passionate about or that pissed me off.

The only objective was to write and figure it out from there. It was never about page views, claps, or monetary rewards.

Just write.

I know there’s a lot of great advice being pushed out there at the moment about how to build passive income or creating your empire, and you could spend weeks reading and learning from some incredible Medium experts, yet the moral of the story is still getting started!

So write about what you feel or what you know. Don’t worry about the rest for now. Get some momentum going and then you can fine tune your brand, your niche, and your strategies.

Finally I’ll say this.

Medium needs people who write about more than just the “Big 3” topics above. Sometimes the best articles are stories about life, challenges we face, funny things that happened, or a book we enjoyed.

Don’t limit yourself because you think no one is interested.

Now. Go. Write.

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