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Become an Unconventional Company

If you've ever dreamed of launching a profitable business that adapts to your way of life, it's time for you to get started.
Become an Unconventional Company
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adjective. not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed."his unconventional approach to life

As I thought about getting back into business, it was very clear I didn’t want to follow the usual way of doing things like I did in the past. The traditional route is safe but honestly quite boring!

Since 1988, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to improve their branding, marketing, and digital media. As a designer, I've created more stuff than you could ever imagine. It's been rewarding to see other businesses grow through my efforts.

And while I love using my creativity to solve those problems, it's not all I can do.

The past decade I’ve really enjoyed helping solopreneurs (one person companies) grow their businesses and discover more freedom. I've shown them how to earn more, work less, and enjoy life, simply by thinking outside of the box.

Many people who launch a business want to make great money, but they also don't want to be tied to a traditional business model either, having to work 60+ hours per week just to survive.

They want to travel the world, spend more time with loved ones, pursue a hobby, or be able to invest in passion projects. The stuff life is really about!

Because I've lived this lifestyle for myself for decades, this is where I can provide valuable help and guidance.

So I’ve decided to start writing again and offering advice on how to launch and grow an unconventional company.

Photo by Shahram Anhari / Unsplash

What is an Unconventional Company?

An unconventional company gives the middle finger to business as usual.

These businesses are often started by a solopreneur like a digital creator, writer, designer, eCommerce seller, or anyone with a skill who doesn't want to have a large company filled with employees and exorbitant expenses.

Sometimes people will call these lifestyle businesses; a business that allows you to work around the stuff that's most important to you.

Unconventional Companies are lead by visionaries who are sick of the Shark Tank bullshit and the always hustle culture. Their focus isn't on making millions of dollars (though some do) but about experiencing more freedom.

These brave rebels don’t give a damn about what everyone else is doing.

They are ones choosing to blaze a path that’s unique to their needs or dreams, while redefining what business should be about.

It's no longer a dream but a reality.

As I move forward on this new venture, my hope is finding other visionaries who desire to create a new style of business - one that defies conventional logic and gives them the freedom to live a more rewarding life from their efforts.

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