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What Business Would You Start if I Gave You $100,000?

Is money keeping you from pursuing your business dreams? Maybe this will help.
What Business Would You Start if I Gave You $100,000?
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Every time I get to meet new people and the topic of starting a lifestyle business comes up, the conversation gets truly exciting!

It’s one of those magical moments when the other person comes alive because they’re given an opportunity to share their ideas and explore the possibilities of their entrepreneurial dreams.

I love seeing their passion get ignited like gasoline poured onto a flame.

Unfortunately the flame usually gets extinguished when I ask them what it would take to make their dream a reality, because reality to them means all those reasons why it can’t happen.

We’ve probably heard those reasons, even said them ourselves.

Most often “reality” comes down to two things …

Time and money.

But time as an excuse is absolute bullshit. You have the time, you just don’t use it for what you say you want.

Daydreaming. Netflixing. Scrolling. Procrastinating. Drinking. Fucking.

With the exception of the last one, in my opinion, everything else is (and should be) easy to sacrifice. We could make the time if we are willing to give up on things that are less important.

So let’s focus on the money part.

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It’s a valid concern because some businesses take more capital to get started than others. And if you’re already struggling to survive, having money to invest in your idea could be a challenge.

Yet money can’t stop you from achieving your dream if you really want it.

Maybe it will take longer, and you’ll have to be patient, which I whole-heartedly admit sucks, but it’s possible. Hell, even probable.

How do I know? Because I’ve done it.

As a guy who was born into a broke (but very loving) family who barely escaped high school and somehow found a way to raise a family of four making less than $20,000 per year for almost a decade, I’ve been able to achieve my dreams with nothing more than a pot to piss in.

No advanced education. No seed capital or savings. No backup net.

The reality is a lack of money is also an excuse. If you have the will, more often than not, you can find a way.

In my own life that meant living in a small house, driving a crappy car, avoiding Starbucks, eating Ramen Noodles, or getting up earlier. Sometimes I worked extra hours or sold my prized possessions.

It always required sacrifice.

So are there things you can do that would get you closer to starting that lifestyle business?

It’s a $100,000 question in my opinion, because if you’re willing to eliminate all the reasons you can’t succeed, you’ll probably achieve your dream.

You will be a force to reckon with!

And you would be the type of person others would invest in.

Begin with the belief you can do it and get started. Whatever happens doesn’t really matter because you had the grit to try. That is truly priceless.

Now let me ask again.

What business would your start if I gave you $100,000?

Let’s talk about it.